Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Maxis Transforms an act of Shopping into an act of Giving

Advertiser: Maxis Communications
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenge
The usual way of asking for donations doesn’t work anymore. With rising charity scam reports, Malaysians are more cautious when donating. Hence last CNY when Maxis partnered with EpicHomes, a nonprofit that builds homes for rural families, we needed to find a way that would inspire donations.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We realised: 1.”Home” is a core value for CNY So traditions like home decorating and reunion dinner happens at home. A ‘building homes for underprivileged’ campaign would drive a message that hits the right chord. 2.CNY one of the biggest online shopping season With +3million shoppers browsing for clothes and decorations, eCommerce sites are high traffic platforms to target these captive audience. Capitalising on shoppers’ mindset, we decided to turn Malaysia’s top 5 eCommerce platforms into new medium for awareness, participation and volunteer recruitment. We transformed these online SHOPPING platforms into online GIVING platforms and created ‘Maxis Kongsi Home Project’.

Media Execution
Instead of soliciting donations, we ‘SOLD’ donations as raw house building materials like wood panels and water taps. Strategically PLACED ALONGSIDE normal merchandises as NATIVE PLACEMENTS, shoppers were sure to see our ‘ads’ on these adfree platforms. Donations can be BOUGHT through a simple ‘Add to Cart’. To promote ‘purchases’, we created a series of cheeky FengShui themed videos. Each video promoted a building material and gave shoppers auspicious reasons to ‘purchase’. Traffic was then directed to eCommerce sites to complete the transaction. Ads and postings on Maxis and partners’ social platforms drove awareness to 24.61million fans (combined profiles). The final push, retargeting banners to those who’ve interacted to drive second chance conversions.

Results and Effectiveness
An astounding 15,751 donations ‘sold’, that’s RM126,008 to build 3 homes for 3 families! Donations 6x more than previous Maxis CSR project. Campaign garnered +52.3million impressions and reached 31.67million online profiles (combined networks). RM1.93million earned media value. Maxis ‘Caring Brand’ scores +7% and ‘Good Workplace’ +8%.