Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

D Probability (D-Digital) to E Commerce (E Educational) for MMU

Advertiser: Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Brand: TM
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The Challenge
MMU assigned us the task of generating college admissions strictly through a digital campaign. Stakes were high as the challenge was not only to drive leads but convert into actual admissions at a time when MMU was dipping in the consideration set of students and parents.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The parents and students ecosystem actively spend time on the internet (average of 5 hours daily) researching universities at the onset of admissions. Criteria for selection is based on 4 key factors: Employability, Environment, Faculty and Global recognition. The perception for each factor is different between parents and students. For eg: What a student will look for in an “Environment” will be 24 hrs WiFi, extra curricular activities whereas parents would prioritise security and better hospitality . We used these perceived values and insights to create multiple permutations and combinations of behavioral traits to deliver interactive messages through a comprehensive DCO programme.

Media Execution
Data was the hero. We collated a wealth of data from our DMP as well 3 party sources to create combinations of student-parent behavioral traits. This way the probability theory was set for execution – Student + Interest + Environment (WiFi/Internet Connectivity). For Eg: When the student identified as an audience is searching for “Best Smartphone”, we leveraged the interest with a contextual message highlighting the WiFi capability of MMU. Similarly, 100s of combinations were made to deliver real time structured messages to expose the reasons for choosing MMU for both parents and students.

Results and Effectiveness
The probability theory garnered 1914 admissions from 3674 leads (51% conversion) . Interestingly, more than 50% of actual admissions were converted through a digital campaign alone. This was record breaking not just in the history of MMU but also in the history of all college intakes where direct campaign intakes account for less than 20%.