Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

The Cookie Guy Lines Up

Advertiser: Mondelez Malaysia
Brand: Chipsmore
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Chipsmore was bringing its ‘Cookie Guy’ character to Malaysia to drive up appeal of the brand among a young adult audience. The challenge was to cut through the everyday noise that young people go through and make Cookie Guy top-of-mind.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We knew from digital media research that Malaysia was among the top 10 smartphone penetrated (80%) markets in the world, with a whopping 81% of them spending time on messaging apps. Our strategy was to embed the cookie guy in a messaging app environment.

Media Execution
We leveraged a partnership with LINE to insert the branded Cookie Guy into everyday conversations on LINE. We created a dozen witty lighthearted ‘Cookie Guy’ character stickers to reach the 3 million LINE users in Malaysia. Chipsmore also created an advertiser page on LINE which allowed users to follow the brand and get updates on Cookie Guy. With this branded integration, we drove brand distinctiveness with a relatable and enjoyable new character that gave Malaysian youth a sense that Chipsmore was a brand that understood them.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign garnered a total of 36,000 fans in a period of 60 days. A total of 121,888 total stickers were used during the campaign period with 25,423 downloads. Chocolate chips became a common tool in the humor of cookie guy, and as a result Chipsmore stood out more in its ability to claim the imagery of having “great chocolate taste”. Ads with the cookie guy achieved above norm recall and drove Chipsmore to have the highest unaided awareness in the sweet biscuits category (87%). With the presence of Cookie Guy in the market, Chipsmore managed to garner 24.4 million value in sales during the campaign period from June to September 2016.