Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2017 | |

Two Dudes and a Kitchen

Advertiser: IKEA Malaysia
Brand: IKEA Malaysia
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The Challenge
Women belong in the Kitchen. Now, it is also true that Men, belong in the Kitchen. Men spend a lot of time in the kitchen but marketing to them is not easy as content in this area is always made for Women. IKEA Kitchen will be the first brand marketing specifically to Men!

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
There is actually a good mix of male and female shoppers who frequent IKEA showrooms. At the physical showrooms, they get inspiration. But, 9 out of 10 times, men are ‘dragged’ to IKEA by either their wives or girlfriends. Why? Because Men rather spend time watching TV at home. So, instead of selling our kitchen to men during their visits to IKEA, why don’t we sell to them via good old-fashioned TV? In their own comfort zone, they learn and discover the secrets of the IKEA Kitchen. We worked with TLC to co-create a program called 2-Dudes and a Kitchen. Made by men, for men.

Media Execution
The program, is 2000% manly, 3000% macho. IKEAKitchen, the MANLY-THEMED edition was brought to our screens for the very first time to Malaysian TV!. We started with an episode named GOAL, talking about prepping food for a football night with boys. ‘Post Workout Cravings’ featured healthy workout meals. ‘May the food be with you’ theme featured food men can easily prepare for a movie marathon night. 8 special webisodes debunked the mystery on IKEA cooking gadgets women buy but men never saw the need for. Enlightening for men indeed. At IKEA Showrooms, engagement was crafted just to address the typical male questions around Kitchen applicance to make them at ease.

Results and Effectiveness
2-Dudes & a Kitchen delivered +39% viewers on TLC during premieres with PR valued at RM1, 380,000. Footfall increased 18% on the event days! METOD Kitchen consideration increased about 6%!