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AXA SME Guide Series

Advertiser: AXA Affin General Insurance Bhd
Brand: Axa Affin SME Insurane
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The Challenge
With lacking awareness, AXA found it hard to breakthrough to business owners on the importance of protecting their business. How do we communicate a complex product through media to create market place awareness and drive a need for AXA SME insurance to achieve YoY sales growth of 10.3%?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
SME owners are emotionally invested in their business, and value any knowledge or information that may assist in growing (or protecting) it. They are also more receptive to peer reviews. We saw an opportunity to develop a ‘AXA Guide Series’ campaign, which will be deployed across offline, online and onground to engage with these SMEs to drive awarenesss, consideration and purchase.

Media Execution
The ‘AXA SME Guide Series’ videos started with Astro Supersport personality, Michele Lee explaining key points of SME Insurance, followed by videos featuring real life AXA SME customers’ relating real life stories about how SME insurance helped them recover losses during a recent incident and deployed across MixFM, LiteMY, MYFM and Rojak Daily through their Facebook and YouTube pages, coupled with an insight based programmatic campaign for lead generation. Performance marketing was then activated where anyone who consumed >70% of our video content would be retargeted using a strong CTA based on their engagement patterns. Branded Content was also created along the lines of ‘Guide Series’ on Rojak Daily and MYFM to drive organic discovery and brand advocacy. On ground we deployed MixFM and HitzFM cruisers to 5 businesses who were recent AXA claimants, paired with 60s Colour pieces on MixFM to drive traffic to these outlets while our hosts interviewed these business owners on their personal experience using AXA SME insurance and their advice to other SME’s. These interview videos were shared on social media giving AXA and its customers (and their business outlets) media exposure while creating credible content for potential customers. We bought 682 on air promo spots and 80 live reads in BFM and sponsored BFM’s SME event for awareness and lead generation. We also arranged for Rebecca Tan, CMO AXA Malaysia to be interviewed on MIXFM on AXA SME Insurance, as well as getting Emmanuel Nivet, CEO AXA Malaysia to speak on Awani Business segment to drive credibility. For mass awareness we utilized 13 OOH sites across Malaysia. Print was used to reinforce credibility with a combination of ad buys and editorials. Radio spot buys with high frequency across 4 astro stations for TOM recall.

Results and Effectiveness
AXA SME insurance achieved 23% Growth in Sales, 150% higher than initial objective. – BFM SME Event :717 delegates served as leads for AXA SME Insurance – Total BFM Radio ROI: 4.73 – Guide Series Video achieved 1,000,000 views with a completion rate of >54% and a YouTube CTR of 23.9%. – Search achieved 14.99% CTR. – Programmatic: 1.2% CTR – Facebook: 21% CTR – Insight based branded content received over 319,000 Shares, Likes & Engagement. – Total print ROI: 1.96