Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

McDonald’s Spicy Korean Burger So Spicy So Drama

Advertiser: McDonald's Malaysia
Brand: McDonald's
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenge
Malaysians are creatures of habit. They tend not to stray from their favourite food choices. So, McDonald’s faced difficulties in promoting its new SpicyKoreanBurger. Objective: Introduce and boost sales of this unfamiliar product. This had to be accomplished quickly since the SpicyKoreanBurger was a limited time offer.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
McDonald’s consumers are the masses. Two prominent features define them: i. They gravitate towards serialized drama. ii. They’re everywhere, i.e. cross screens with increased mobile consumption but television still garnered most attention. We developed a 2-prong strategy: 1. Own Korean content/media space 2. Storytell in the form of ad sequencing to create momentum and sustain interest. It was apt for McDonald’s to ride the Korean wave, given K-drama’s heightened emotions hold a big appeal for the majority of the masses, the Malays, who are drawn to more sentimental, melodramatic content. The SoSpicySoDrama campaign was built around tongue-in-cheek short dramas which seamlessly introduced the SpicyKoreanBurger. These tied in to the Korean Wave through catchphrases like daebak (‘awesome’) and K-pop music.

Media Execution
1. Owning Korean media space: a. Korean drama platforms: We capitalized on VIKI and VIU, the most popular Korean video platforms b. all things Korean on YouTube: K-drama, K-pop, Korean skincare and cosmetics (which are highly relevant to K-fans). c. Korean on TV: Increasing our buys in Korean content by 3x. 2. Story-telling via media: a. 4-day teaser campaign: Building anticipation with 2 short teasers, featuring typical Korean dramatic moments. b. Launch: Launched with the full-length #SoSpicySoDrama video. c. Ad sequencing: Sustain interest with 3 different, shorter versions via ad sequencing/retargeting d. Pocket TVC on Facebook: Smart cuts optimised for small screens and mobile users’ behavior – short, with supers

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign exceeded all expectations: – The SpicyKoreanBurger sold out within 4 days! – Spontaneous user-generated content, including free food reviews and YouTube coverage – it even became a case in Think with Google SEA