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Who Would Have Thought Satellite Technology Could Increase Sales?

Advertiser: Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad
Brand: Perodua
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The Challenges
2016 was a downturn year for the Malaysian automotive industry and with several factors like rising costs, economic uncertainities, rising cost of living – 2017 wasn’t off to a good start either. We needed to find a solution to lift the stagnant monthly sales number for Perodua.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Research proved that purchase intent was highest once a consumer had visited the showroom. This meant that we had to engage consumers soon after they had visited a Perodua or competitor showroom to build consideration and drive conversions. Media agency recommended a first of its kind approach to overcome this unique hurdle. We partnered with Blis, whose programmatic platform was integrated into the Google Maps system, to specifically identify and pin locations of all automotive showrooms. Leveraging on Blis’ large pool of audience tracked via multiple networks, we were able to record the GPS information and mobile device IDs of consumers who have visited a showroom and engage with them consistently and contextually to drive higher consideration for Perodua leading to eventual conversion.

Media Execution
The moment a customer walked into an automotive showroom, their mobile device details were captured, enabling us to continue targeting them after and throughout their car purchase journey. Online ads were served contextually, alongside automotive related content to create relevance, and supported by multi device targeting to increase the frequency of exposure to each potential car buyer. This innovative method of integrating media exposure with the consumers real-time on-ground behavior has proved effective, as demonstrated in the results.

Results and Effectiveness
This first of its kind execution contributed to a 25% uplift in monthly sales numbers. Showroom footfall increased by over 15,000 every month. By the end of a difficult year, targets were exceeded by 15% and Perodua maintained its number one position for the most vehicles sold in 2017!