Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Everyone is Welcome at Nando’s!

Brand: Nando's
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The Challenges
Year-end festivities is time for celebration as loved ones gather together to enjoy a delicious meal. Spoilt for choice Malaysians can choose to visit a mamaks, restaurants or kopitiams. With Quick service restaurants offering fast service, our challenge lay in driving more footfalls across Nando’s outlets during the year-end festivities.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Year-end is time when consumers want to feel special & families enjoy a personal touch, yet most brands engaged with consumers in a standard generic manner, with same message for everyone. Media Agency recommended leveraging this insight to deliver a more customized and personalized message to consumers. Nando’s unique & delectable menu caters to every tastebud and appeals to everyone. To be different in a cluttered category and drive higher footfalls we needed to drive higher brand recall. We found that YOUTUBE witnesses an increased viewership towards year-end, as consumers search for year-end lists, festive hacks, blockbuster trailers etc. In partnership with YOUTUBE we launched a FIRST EVER CAMPAIGN IN MALAYSIA.

Media Execution
We analyzed year-end searches and produced 100 customized videos to engage consumers. We created a base video which was then customized for each consumer. If someone searched for StarWars, they were served with an ad which said ‘Dark Side or Light Side..Everyone is Welcome’. Message delivery was customized based on consumer’s Youtube searches and interests, each video was contextual and allowed us to be spontaneous and hyper-relevant by leveraging on YOUTUBE, making each & everyone feel special with warm welcoming message from Nando’s

Results and Effectiveness
We served more than 8.5 million impressions in 4 weeks which resulted in 1 Million completed views, beating the industry benchmark by far. Further YouTube brand lift study showed an increased 57.4% Ad recall driving a 86% increase in quantity sold compared 2016. And that’s how Nando’s brought joy & taste to everyone’s year-end celebrations.