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Cukup Rasa on Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan

Advertiser: Nestle-Maggi
Brand: Maggi
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The Challenges
Moms are aware of Maggi Cukup Rasa. However, many of them are yet to try as they are afraid that new products might result to their family not liking their cooking. Moms go safe by sticking to only to what they’re used to. MAGGI CUKUP RASA (MCR) strive to increase penetration among Malay household.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Ramadan is a fasting month for the Muslim in Malaysia. Malay moms are required to wake up much earlier for food preparation during Suhoor hour and often get tired from preparing dinner after a long day of fasting. Malay moms will look for idea and recipe during Ramadan month but they are afraid of the original taste will be affected if using new product.

Media Execution
The strategy is to relieve mothers from being stress out in meal ideation and preparation. We want mothers to be delighted in cooking from good to great! Partnership with the local top cooking program – Ketuk-Ketuk Ramadan, hosted by Sheila Rusly, tagged along by 30 local famous celebrities, to create hype and encourage trial. Each episode of Ketuk Ketuk Ramadan were done in various Tesco stores within Malaysia. This enticed many consumers to be engaged with many Ramadan dishes that were prepared by the local top celebrities using Maggi Cukup Rasa. MCR product was also bundled with commonly used ingredients across Tesco stores in order to disrupt consumer’s mindsets that they can also use MCR with various Ramadan dishes not just the leading MSG brand thus encouraging trial and driving home penetration of the product.

Results and Effectiveness
Market share hiked to an all-time high record of 25.8% coming from end 2017’s 21.5%. 20% growth for Maggi while other leading MSG brand reflecting 3.8% drop. Home penetration target overachieved with 310 bps giving Maggi a record-breaking 2017 penetration of 26.7.