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PETRONAS rewrites history, on front page news

Advertiser: PETRONAS
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The Challenges
PETRONAS, as Malaysia’s national fuel brand, has been a pivotal force in the united growth of Malaysia over the decades since its independence on 31st Aug, 1957. However, as generations progressed, so did competition within the sector, and Malaysians forgot the larger role that PETRONAS plays not just in their daily lives, but in helping to build the nation that all Malaysians call home. PETRONAS needed to remind the nation and celebrate the progress which it had fuelled over decades.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Media Agency recommended re-living the spirit of Merdeka, and on the same note demonstrate how far PETRONAS and Malaysians have progressed since then. Print, which was one of the foremost vehicles of proclamation of Merdeka was recommended as the perfect medium to re-write history.

Media Execution
Berita Harian had planned a special pullout to celebrate 60th anniversary of Independence by re-printing the cover page from the edition of 31st Aug, 1957. We leveraged on this by taking over the cover page as first reminder of the national fuel brand’s contribution. But it didn’t stop at that. In 1957, Page 2 had a Shell advertisement. After 60 years, when Berita Herian re-printed the historic front page as a celebration, Page 2 was taken up by PETRONAS, driving home the point that a nation’s home-grown fuel brand was now putting Malaysians on the world map with pride. It associated the journey of progress of Malaysia indelibly with the growth of PETRONAS and the value that it had contributed towards building the nation. It acted as an apt reminder, that Malaysians had done good on their promise to build a great nation, hand in hand with PETRONAS, a global Malaysian brand.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign of reached 6.1 mn+ Malaysians, delivered 15mn+ impressions, thus taking the message of celebration and pride far and wide across Malaysia.