Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

World’s first Radio Open House

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
In 2017 – year of the Rooster ,KFC as the King of Chicken wanted to gain chinese market share from the annually anticipated McDonald’s Prosperity Burger. We knew our task was herculean as we were perceived to be a Malay brand.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Interestingly, the Chinese know KFC as “肯德基” (kěndéjī) which sounds exactly like “肯得机” (kěndéjī)meaning ‘willing to seize opportunities’.Here was a chance for us to build an association beyond taste. Playing on the plank of ‘opportunity’ was a sureshot way of building affinity with the chinese, especially in the backdrop of CNY – the time for ushering in prosperity. It was a given that every CNY element,be it a song,greeting or wish literally carried the word “肯得机” aka “opportunity” . Playing the word rhyme to our advantage we smartly replaced it with “肯德基” aka KFC. Simply impossible to overlook KFC!

Media Execution
With 23% jump in radio listenership YOY amongst chinese during CNY,Radio had to be our lead medium.We engineered an Open house on air – a gathering for Chinese to usher in opportunity in the new year,with KFC.RJs chanted 200+ custom created CNY chants and invited callers in to share their own chant versions.Messages of prosperity,fortune,opportunity (sounding exactly like KFC !)stormed airwaves.The 3 hour long OpenHouse also had generous doses of custom made CNY songs, greeting dedications & chances for callers to pick chants that would foretell the opportunity in store this year.We had created the world’s first CNY OpenHouse on Radio – an embodiment of the opportunity-rich CNY spirit.

Results and Effectiveness
Prosperity hit town! Our chinese marketshare was at 45% Vs McD at 31%. With 15% increase in chinese footfalls – we had the highest ever store visitation.Our brand love amongst the chinese shot up by+2 pts.With 20,000 openhouse participants, 105,767 engagements & 104,386 reach social conversations – we had surrected a laurel.