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2018 | |

‘Jam’ with Shell Helix

Advertiser: Shell
Brand: Shell Helix
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The Challenges
Motorists rarely think of which engine lubricants they put under their car. For a renowned car lubricant like Shell Helix, we could not afford to fade into the background as we struggle to sustain brand recall and interest to drive product consideration. Invasive tactics don’t last long. We had to tastefully get into motorists’ heads.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To gain headspace, we had to take the conversation “from under the hood” to “into the car.” In 2017, 1 in 2 Malaysian motorists felt frustrated while driving, being stuck for an hour everyday in traffic jams. They coped and blocked out on-road monotony and frustration, through music, largely listened to on Spotify. Our strategy: Make Shell Helix’s overarching mission of ‘Drive On’, aimed at reigniting the passion for driving, live through the joy felt listening to music on the road. In collaboration with Spotify, we created a worthy avenue to make a connection called ‘License to Jam’. To fully utilize the power of sound – we have used 3D mix for a fully immersive audio experience for drivers.

Media Execution
‘License to Jam’ launched with curated music playlists featuring hits from the 1960s right up to 2000s, packed with over 100 nostalgic and sentimental hits from yesterday, and deployed through a series of well-tailored brand ads on Spotify. Ads invited users to the microsite to generate their very own custom playlists based on the year they received their driving license. This effectively generated rich audiographic audience profiles for Shell Helix, and more importantly, revealed the right on-road music moments when motorists are in more joyous and open moods, that would then allow us to intercept, and further retarget with our ‘Drive On’ message.

Results and Effectiveness
We exponentially grew three brand metrics: +29.1% Ad Recall, +14.8% Brand Interest and +16.3% Purchase Intent, with an estimated 470,000 users (+18% above campaign target).