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How Nicorette’s “Smoke Urges” targeting helped Malaysians quit Smoking during Raya

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nicorette
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The Challenges
Nicorette, a smoking cessation product had low consideration amongst the largest smoking demographic: Malay Men. Our challenge: Drive Brand Consideration and Adoption among them.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
70% of Malay Men try to quit during Ramadan because they can’t smoke while they fast. But willpower collapses as soon as they “buka”. Smokers, after a glass of water, light up a cigarette to ease their daylong cravings. In fact, smokers who quit right before Ramadan have a 50% chance to relapse because the stress of fasting and quitting smoking is too much. As this was the time most Malay quitters fail, let’s help them instead with Nicorette targeting them at the exact moment they feel the urge during Ramadan.

Media Execution
We attacked the 3 crucial times that smokers feel the urge during Ramadhan on the two mediums they were likely to consume – Radio & digital. 4-5pm (the drive back home) – stuck in jams, they feel the urge to smoke because they are so close to breaking fast. We leveraged EraFM DJ talksets encouraging smokers to resist the urge and use Nicorette to curb cravings. 7ishpm (break fast) – Breaking fast was another crucial moment, so we got DJ talksets to encourage them again. 9pm (after prayers) – Some Muslims don’t want to smell like smoke before entering a mosque for tarawih prayers so will smoke only after. We had repeat messaging to ensure they don’t light up that ciggy on their way back from the mosque. We mirrored the messages and timing strategy on programmatic digital with banners leading to the Nicorette website

Results and Effectiveness
1. Nicorette garnered +107% increase in sales and managed to gain 24% MarketShare
2. Radio campaign garnered 51% reach with ave freq of 9x.
3. Dramatic 25% jump in Search Volume for Nicorette.