Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Walla! 376% More Subscriptions In 2 weeks!

Advertiser: Celcom Axiata Berhad
Brand: Xpax
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The Challenges
Xpax introduced Music Walla, a worry-free solution for digitized music lovers, that offers frequent unlimited music data on various music platforms without depleting one’s core internet data. But digital natives already get their music on-demand through digital radio and think additional telco offers will only cost much more. Our goal: dispel this notion and convince existing Xpax users to subscribe.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
(1)Music lovers hate getting disrupted. They’re on music platforms precisely to listen to MUSIC. (2)trending music gets frequently localized by some music lovers into the local language, and 3)the same content eventually gets turned into shorter highlights of the parts people liked. Hence, our approach: 1) Make MUSIC our MEDIUM to minimize disruption. 2) BE LIQUID, by reshaping content to what audiences say and like about it. 3) LOCALIZE, by eventually developing local lyric versions of our content.

Media Execution
We launched massively with a bespoke song along with a music video on YouTube and Facebook, which was met with overwhelmingly positive response in the comments section and got picked up by radio stations due to numerous requests from listeners. We then drilled into social trends, identified popular vernaculars, content preference cues, and the like, to create spin-offs of our music video and redistribute the same online through a partnership with Joox, the largest music platform in Malaysia, to give our message more legs. With Joox, we targeted ‘music junkies’, and shared our message through ads in the form of local-languaged and shorter versions of our song, to gel seamlessly with their current playlists. This allowed our relevant messaging to come forward tastefully, inspiring a second wave of Music Walla subscriptions.

Results and Effectiveness
Outstanding reception: 6.2mill complete listens and 84.5% completion rate in just 2 weeks! Product subscriptions increased by +376%. Search intent grew, resulted in +23% CTR to subscribe to Music Walla.