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Our Rakyat, the Netizen Journalists KL2017

Advertiser: Sportswork Group Sdn Bhd
Brand: KL2017 SEA Games
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The Challenges
Malaysia hosted KL2017 SEA Games, where 2,561 journalists was on-ground to cover the events. However, within the first week of the Games, online buzz was curiously lacking. Why? As the journalist enlisted were mostly from traditional media houses, social media content was secondary – thus, only an average of 60 postings per day went up on social media. The agency’s task was to increase the social postings to 120 per day.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Within every sporting event, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees – almost all of whom are smartphone-equipped. Social media active Malaysians thrive on the bragging rights (and “likes”/”hearts”) that come from being the first-to-report interesting happenings on-ground. It was this very behaviour that could work in our favor – enlisting these netizens to search, capture and share inspiring KL2017 moments on their FB, Instagram and Twitter. What we needed to do was to fuel this natural behaviour; and we did this at almost zero cost by linking this initiative with our Millennial netizens passion for travel and one of KL2017’s sponsors, Traveloka, who came on-board with RM45,000 worth of travel vouchers.

Media Execution
Anyone can be a netizen journalist – from whichever games venue you’re at, snap a photo or short video that captures an inspiring KL2017 moment and share your story with the hashtag #KL2017. This was promoted on KL2017 owned assets. Specifically, on social media, to get people to start reporting, we had KOLs who are sporty and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts (e.g. celebrities Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Nash and Megat) to get the ball rolling by sharing their #KL2017 stories. The best daily stories were rewarded with travel vouchers.

Results and Effectiveness
Within 2 weeks, 552 netizen journalists generated 6,624 social posts – an average 473 posts per day (almost 4X our KPI!), netting us an approx. 3,524,800 impressions in the social space.