Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

The FIRST EVER Crowd Sourced National Anthem for a truly democratic country!

Advertiser: RHB Bank Bhd
Brand: RHB
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The Challenges
RHB, Malaysia’s leading financial company has served the country for 100+ years and has been an integral part of its history and development. RHB’s new promise “Together We Progress” is symbolic of its continued commitment towards progress. We were tasked to engage younger generation with bank’s new promise & proposition.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Since Independence, Malaysia has witnessed tremendous progress. The country’s growth in 60 years has also changed the Rakyat’s fortune and they have a lot to be “”Syukur””(Thankful) for. To engage Malaysian youth, our idea was rooted in the strong sense of pride that every Malaysian has and little things that make up our identity as a nation; from NasiLemak to JalurGemilang. These bits & pieces build the entire nation and this sense of pride is reflected most strongly during Merdeka & Malaysia Day. Our idea lay in partnering with Rakyat & Rap sensation Altimet to develop a new national anthem.

Media Execution
With 89% Malaysians active across social media, it was the ideal platform for us to engage the youth. With Altimet, we invited Malaysians to share what they were thankful for in lyrical manner to develop a first ever modern day national anthem. And the Malaysian Youth responded with overwhelming participation and euphoria, contributing their own unique feelings about the country. Altimet selected 18 of the best entries like “Syukur, aku masih di sini”/”Syukur, nasi lemak setiap..” to develop 2.5 minute song which was released across social platforms as RHB wished the country “Selamat Hari Kebangsaan”.

Results and Effectiveness
With an unprecedented 1,609 entries in just 10 days, the anthem delivered 10.7 million impressions with 3.2 million views resulting in 3X growth for RHB deposits vs industry benchmarks H2’17. RHB set the bar by going beyond mere Merdeka greeting ads to unite the nation’s emotions and fostered a relation with youth.