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Maybank Makes A Big Announcement On A Small Budget

Advertiser: Malayan Banking Berhad
Brand: Maybank
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
The category is flooded with Petrol credit cards, all offering the same cashback benefit. Maybank AMEX was a late entrant with nothing extra to offer vs the other players. How do we make a big impact with a small budget?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The weekly regulated petrol price mechanism in Malaysia kept consumers’ eyes and ears on the fluctuating price announcement every Wednesday evening, for any change in price the next day, Thursday. And if there is a price increase, motorists will rush to fill up their vehicles’ petrol tanks. But with less than RM25,000 budget, we couldn’t reach everyone. First thing we did was to identify the lowest hanging fruit – the Older, Chinese segment who tend to be more value conscious. Thus most likely to sign-up. Our solution: 1)Partnership with MelodyFM Radio (most cost-efficient against Older, Chinese) 2)Providing weekly Petrol price announcements every Wednesday evening, via the Maybank AMEX Petrol 10% Cash Back campaign.

Media Execution
To stretch and ensure maximum exposure on our limited budget, we strategically planned for: 1)The Right Time: Zeroed-in on Wednesday evening drive time segment As the government announces the petrol price every Wednesday evening, our radio announcement was planned for 6pm, at a time when consumers and listeners were actively seeking information on the latest price change, enabling high message relevance. Its also when listenership peaks. 2)The Right Station: MelodyFM with the Highest Affinity amongst Older, Chinese segment 3)The Right Frequency: Repeated reminders over 4 weeks to listeners to tune-in to the annoucement every Wednesday via promos that ran across the station the entire week, communicating the latest petrol price and the campaign’s key message of 10% Cash back.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign used a budget of RM24,598 to deliver a media value of RM96,864 (Media ROI of 4x) reaching out to 923,000 MelodyFM listeners who are Credit Card users.