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Maxis goes in search for YouTube audiences in Google search

Advertiser: Maxis Communications
Brand: Maxis
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The Challenges
With the entrant of TIME’s 500Mbps Fibre Home Internet, all fibre providers were pressured to step up their game, resulting in noisy environment. How does Maxis ensure Interest and Consideration when competitors are increasingly active with promotions?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Delving into users’ broadband usage behaviour, we realised that the time users would most consider switching home internet provider will be when they experience bad video streaming. In this case, most likely on Youtube (96% of Malaysian online users watch Youtube). That frustration often leads to angry Youtube users, Googling furiously on how to improve their internet connection. Understanding this journey between Youtube and Google search, we creatively used Google’s Search Query Audience to: 1)Identify Unhappy internet users who were on Google searching using keywords related to ‘improving home internet’ Instead doing the expected by targeting them via Google search, we 2)Retargeted them with Youtube pre-roll (reaching them when bad internet experience is at its most frustrating!)

Media Execution
Identifying Unhappy Internet users There are approximately 500,000 Malaysian monthly searches for fibre and broadband related keywords. We categorized them by: 1)Keywords related to bad internet connection eg – ‘TM customer service’ & ‘Unifi slow internet’ 2)Keywords indicating consideration for home internet eg – ‘Best broadband package’ & ‘best home internet plans’ 3)Generic home internet keywords eg – ‘Malaysia home fibre’ We then optimised on Youtube between the 3 clusters towards the best lead conversion rate. Obviously the cluster with ‘bad internet connection’ keywords performed best! Driving Maxis consideration, we highlighted 2 key messages in our Home Fibre pre-roll: 1)Speed – Most important when users stream videos 2)Coverage – to assure of Maxis’s coverage everywhere in Malaysia

Results and Effectiveness
Awareness Delivered 3.3million impressions to users searching for bad internet solutions Performance 55% View-through rate, 5.5x higher vs pre-roll 10% benchmark Interest Maxis keyword searches spiked by at least 25% points! Lead form submission 172% higher vs Maxis’s usual average