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Pizza Hut: 46% more orders for no additional spends

Advertiser: Pizza Hut Restaurants Sdn Bhd
Brand: Pizza Hut
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The Challenges
PizzaHut, a well-known brand amongst Malaysians, however category expansion was eroding PizzaHut online sales ROI. Higher competitive bids for similar search keyword was making it difficult to drive efficient clicks and orders. We needed a strategic solution to make SEM work harder on orders and cost.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
GA and sales data gave us insights into the fact that controlling CPC would not yield results in longer run. We thus developed a customized channel level interim KPI approach and standardised the final KPI to transactions. This was the backbone of our optimization strategy as below: 1. Moving from ‘clicks’ to ‘orders’: Optimize spends on eCPO 2. Narrow down keywords based on transactions and not volume across ‘Brand’, ‘QSR’ and ‘F&B’ categories 3. Add relevant search extensions for consumers’ ease 4. Constant keyword harvesting to drive efficiency

Media Execution
To get more orders, we created segments of users like “Clickers”, “Drop Offs” and “purchased”. This helped us create right audience pools to serve different offerings to convert. We found that brand and Pizza categories were driving efficient orders, while wider F&B and generic categories were not. We therefore pulled out spends from wider category. Keyword harvesting helped isolate keywords (like convenience meal, menu etc) which had higher volume, but high CPC and low orders. We added specific keywords like Rain, Haze, weather which could trigger food delivery. Some search extensions like ‘download app’, ‘deals’ ‘store near me’ were included for easy reference to consumers. We also narrowed down our time targeting to 10AM-10PM in tandem with Pizza delivery timing to reduce spends leakage.

Results and Effectiveness
1. Average annual eCPO was 46% lower than Jan’17.
2. Search delivered over 90,000 additional transactions
3. Monthly Online orders up by 300% in Jun-Dec Vs Jan’17
4. High online sales growth of 27% in 2017 compared to 2016