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Drypers gives birth to The Ultimate Pregnancy Manual

Advertiser: Vinda Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: Drypers
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The Challenges
The babycare industry, with its immense clutter, was facing another major challenge. The decelerating birth rate, down by 5.2% over the past year, reduced the size of the market considerably. Drypers needed to connect with new moms even stronger to become the preferred diaper brand for moms with babies 0-6 months old.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Pregnancy can, and most often is, quite overwhelming for new parents-to-be. It is reflected in the online behaviour where research and learning video consumption rules the pack. In the mix of all emotions, often joy takes a backseat giving in to the pressure of babycare research. Media Agency recommended positioning Drypers as the support system which takes care of the baby in the best possible way, so that the new parents can enjoy the ride to parenthood.

Media Execution
A two-pronged Remind & Research approach was adopted. Based on consumption of babycare content, a timeline of potential parent stages identified ‘newly pregnant’ moms & ‘soon-to-be’ moms. While the newly pregnant moms dealt with the new phase of confusion and joy, the soon-to-be moms focused towards specific babycare research. The REMIND phase targeted newly pregnant moms across social and video platforms, with an emotional video showcasing the joy of the parenthood journey as the most exceptional experience, comforting them that everything will be fine. They were then retargeted later with RESEARCH phase videos with specifics of babycare. The RESEARCH phase targeted soon-to-be moms, with handy babycare manual videos, where the advice didn’t come from Drypers, but from someone who moms trust the most, other mothers.

Results and Effectiveness
4.1mn+ views, 512k+ post engagement and 8.6k+ sampling requests reinforced the connect that Drypers made with moms-to-be. The campaign KPIs were over achieved by more than 135%, creating a special place for Drypers in the hearts of Malaysian mothers.