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2011 | |

Protomalt Story… as told by Celebritries

Advertiser: Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
Brand: MILO
Creative Agency: Ogilvy
Credits: Foong Zaai Yee (Executive), Germaine Ooi (Manager), Cindy Chia (Director, Client Leadership), Yvonne Tan (Senior Executive), Allison Chin (Trading Director

In 2010, MILO increased its price due to the surge in raw material costs such as cocoa and milk. Price sensitive Malay mothers switched to cheaper alternatives without realizing the nutritional value that they were sacrificing. How do we convince them that it’s worth paying more for MILO’s nutritional value?

Our focus group research shows that Malay mothers tend to prefer consuming lifestyle and celebrity news rather than hard facts and figures, with magazines being the key source. As a natural corollary, they also hold many of these celebrities in high esteem. Marrying these two insights, we entertained Malay mothers with a story about MILO’s ‘Protomalt’, the nutritional ingredient that gives kids more energy, delivering it in the celebrity lifestyle format that they love.

We structured a series of “celebrity articles”, harnessing celebrities to reinforce MILO’s nutritional message. We matched the celebrity type with the magazine content. e.g., celebrity mom was featured in ‘Keluarga’. The “articles” were positioned on 3 consecutive right-hand pages and to further grab attention, a die-cut protrusion was used to drive “traffic” to the articles. In fact, because of the die-cut, newsstand owners stacked the magazines on top of their shelves, further increasing visibility.

Past 7 days consumption increased by 4%. Market share increased immediately after the campaign, contributing to an 11 million cup increase! 5% more Moms believe MILO’s Protomalt gives kids more energy to get through the day (Beverage ATP).