Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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“SIZE DOES NOT MATTER: Life’s Good when You know How to Do It Responsively”

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The Challenges
Faced with tough competitors like Samsung and Panasonic that were outspending the brand, LG was losing on share-of-voice and awareness metrics in the Home Electronics and Home Appliances categories. With limited budgets, LG decided to eschew other mediums and compete heavily on digital. The goal: to drive more traffic to its website while simultaneously reducing CPC, to boost higher sales revenue.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We deployed a “RELEVANCY PARADOX PLANNING APPROACH”: reducing reach and impressions, while instead focus on relevancy, drive leads/traffic that increases sales. SIZE OF BUDGET DID NOT MATTER: what mattered was what we did with the budget, and how RESPONSIVE we could be. Our digital campaign strategy was to use Responsive Display ads to widen the awareness, and drive higher search volume, as Google search ads were always on.

Media Execution
Leveraging on Responsive Display ads with its dynamic nature, automatically transforming the ads (featuring LG’s pioneering OLED TVs) to fit precisely where the target audience was reading content related to ‘electronics’; the ads were able to connect with the target audience and create consideration through ‘relevancy’. Paired with accurate contextual targeting tactics and supported with key audience insights below; (1) Time of day mattered: the target audience had a higher tendency to click in the late evenings, (2) Long tail didn’t work: most electronics related articles drove few clicks, resulting in lower click volume, We were able to increase campaign awareness successfully, reach and impact while staying relevant to the target audience.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign resulted in a whopping 1006% increase in visitations to LG’s website with eCPC plunging from RM1.00 to a mere RM0.11. Coupled with a dramatic 20% increase in sales, this campaign far surpassed its objectives, and became a much-talked about Malaysian case study in worldwide LG marketing circles. Indeed – Life’s Good (LG) when you know how to do it responsively.