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PETRONAS data-fies Unsure Gifter Syndrome to drive e-commerce

Advertiser: PETRONAS
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The Challenges
e-Commerce rules the consumer mindspace in today’s day and age. As a unique challenge, Petronas needed to find a way to ride the e-commerce euphoria, even though the products it offers are not bought online.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
The primary insight was that most often gift buyers struggle to find something of value, which they are sure to please their friends with as gifts. We called it the Unsure Gifter Syndrome, and decided to map those moments of unsure gift selection, and target them with a gift they can’t go wrong with – the Petronas Gift Card.

Media Execution
Lazada, Malaysia’s leading e-commerce marketplace was chosen as the vehicle to launch the freshly designed Petronas Gift Card, on Singles Day sale and promoted heavily. A meticulous programmatic strategy was deployed to target frequent online shoppers and bargain hunters, identified by ‘multiple e-commerce platform visits before purchase’. This was coupled with a targeted keyword strategy for bargain hunters searching for gift deals. Leapfrogging from an on-ground launch event for the gift card, a wide reaching location targeted social attack was launched through Facebook, Instagram and KOL outreach program to garner maximum reach. A tiered remarketing strategy was deployed to convert the audiences who engaged with the social content and also the audiences who browsed through Lazada without making a purchase, indicating a strong Unsure Gifter Syndrome. Thus, by leveraging the power of data and technology, coupled with creative targeting, Petronas was able to convert 11.11 Lazada Single’s Day into a phenomenal e-commerce performance for a brand which sells products mostly offline.

Results and Effectiveness
The Petronas Gift Card became the Number 1 most searched and bought product on Lazada Singles Day. With more than 210,000 engagements and 3.4mn views across social content, the campaign generated a media ROI of 11.3 and became the unlikely ruler of the e-commerce landscape.