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Maybank gets ‘Hot & Heavy’ with 102 irresistible Video ads

Advertiser: Malayan Banking Berhad
Brand: Maybank
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Maybank had to launch their new and improved M2UApp. But it had a problem – The bank was dealing with declining active digital userbase, as the Millenials were disengaged and apathetic about Maybank. To ensure increased usage M2UApp, we had to make Maybank relevant to Millenials.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Haunted by the ‘Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)’, Millennials are always searching for the next ‘Hot’ thing, to keep-up with peers. For that reason they are attracted to YouTube, a platform that’s a reflection of modern culture and seen as authentic. In fact, Millenials in Malaysia spend 90 minutes daily on YouTube. Hence, we decided to ride on the hype of trending topics and showcased customised messages, relevant to trends identified. By gleaning data on YouTube trending topics and videos, we were able to drive connection through specially curated ad versions, all within 48 hours of a trending topic!

Media Execution
With the data on ‘Hot’ topics, the trending video list was refreshed every 48 hours, before intercepting our audiences with 102, irresistible versions of 6s Bumper by implementing: 1)Placement Targeting: Videos with high trending volume eg. Spiderman (Even Spidey now has time for banking. Send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere.) 2)Contextual Targeting: Keyword terms with high search volume eg. Make-up tutorial. (It’s less than 1min. To view all your account.) 3)Topic Targeting: Trending seasonal content like Sea-Games (TeamMalaysia Boleh! The NEW MaybankApp Boleh!) To ensure ‘Heavy’ exposure, we remarketed by Cross-serving our ads to audiences who watched different batches of our ads and bidded on locations with proven engagement rate.

Results and Effectiveness
The custom ad copies delivered 5.2mil views with 13.7mil impressions. We achieved view rate of 38% which is 2x more than industry benchmark and brought down the CPV by 43%. Throughout the campaign period, there’s an 13.5% increment in M2U active user base and 15.8% increment in M2UApp downloads.