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Maybank Credit Card goes from ‘Front-of-Phone’ to ‘Top-of-Wallet’

Advertiser: Malayan Banking Berhad
Brand: Maybank
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The Challenges
Whilst there was no shortage of credit card sign-ups, we were getting lower quality applicants that drove transaction value per customer down. As a result, MaybankSupermarketSweep (rewarded grocery shoppers for using Maybank credit card) was launched. But the bigger challenge was to deliver an effective strategy that can identify the right target to increase transaction per customer.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We discovered 2 important insights on shoppers’ behaviour: 1)Most pre-purchase research (more than 70%) are made instore. That is why many shoppers turn to mobile when shopping. 2)Many purchase decisions are made at the last minute To increase Maybank Credit Card transactions, we knew we had to drive last-minute, unplanned purchases in the retail outlets. We achieved this by identifying key shopping malls and supermarkets in Malaysia, where we pinned these locations and geotargeted to the right people at the right moment, without interrupting their shopping experience. Reaching them only in these locations, we avoided wastage as we only reached the Buyers and not the user.

Media Execution
With data of shoppers’ shopping locations and their shopping behaviour, we interrupted their shopping experience by serving MaybankSupermarketSweep message. We created Cluster Audiences in GoogleAnalytics with predefined rules: 1)Real Customers: Plug-in only Maybank Credit Card Users 2)Geo-targeting: 1-2km radius of all key shopping malls and supermarkets 3)Day Parting: Load heavier budget during peak shopping days of Thursdays – Sundays and lower on Mondays – Wednesdays 4)Time Parting: Campaign were only live from 10am to 10pm, which are retail outlets’ shopping hours Focusing on platforms consumed by Buyers during their shopping research in the retail outlets, we used GoogleDisplayNetwork, targeting them when they were browsing and seeking for product information online.

Results and Effectiveness
Maybank recorded an incremental in Credit Card spending of 3.5% compared to the same period the year before. The campaign delivered a total of 5,971,880 unique impressions and a decrease in CPC of 29%.