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SUNWAY’s ‘Party for First Party Data’ Carnival

Advertiser: SUNWAY
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The Challenges
Sunway launched its new property Sunway Serene in PJ, but was faced with an unique challenge. Everyone associated Sunway with the ‘Sunway’ area and it was increasingly difficult to drive penetration into the minds of PJ inhabitants, who favoured neutral developers. For the first time, a strong brand association had become a challenge.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
People forget names but remember experiences. With low brand affinity in PJ, and a tricky location for their upcoming property, Media Agency recommended Sunway to start much ahead in their campaign to create affinity driving experiences intrinsic to PJ audiences and develop an affinity first party database first, which could then be tapped as a remarketing campaign when their project was ready to be sold. Media Agency recommended designing a party to form a partnership between Sunway and PJ audiences, totally unbranded. By creating unique and memorable experiences, the brand would connect with the desired audience thus building affinity and at the back end would generate a first party database of prospects.

Media Execution
A ‘Simple Act of Love’ was created as an experience platform which PJ residents could log on to, and sign up to spend a memorable weekend with their loved ones. No sales push, no show galleries, but just a Simple Act of Love, a hand of friendship extended by Sunway to PJ-ites. Activities from games, digital caricature, street side busking to concerts and food trucks turned the Serene lakeside into a carnival. It became the marquee impression that PJ residents took back of Sunway Properties, while Sunway came away smiling with a ready database of audiences to sell their property to.

Results and Effectiveness
• 4 million reached with more than 80% of leads at the event
• 3.2% CTR and 96% positive sentiments via social listening.
• Cost per lead lowered by 25% via Google SEM.
• Extension of Day 2 for the public.