Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Facing problem with Ad Recall, No More!

Advertiser: Unilever Malaysia
Brand: Sunsilk
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The Challenges
it’s challenge to gain Ad Recall in a cluttered environment. Hair Care being a highly competitive category, brands tend to suffer in ensuring high Ad Recall on TV. The challenge becomes tougher when competition decided to almost double the spends. Amidst this wargame the challenge for Sunsilk was to defend its lead in the category and that warranted high Ad Recall and Top of Mind Awareness.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We knew that, by maintaining high Ad Recall we can ensure high top of mind scores. However, to beat the clutter we had to come up with an innovative, first time ever in the market kind of execution that, goes beyond regular TV spot buys. We explored various options and ways to boost Ad Recall through Television. All options were evaluated, local as well as regional. Fortunately, we came across an innovative concept in the form of Digital Brand Integration that was being used in Indonesia. We convinced brand team to pioneer it in Malaysia market.

Media Execution
DBI – Digital Brand Integration a landmark technology that helps to digitally embed and integrate product into the TV content without taking part in the actual shoot. This provided a unique solution to boost Ad Recall in a cluttered environment. An execution carried out for the first time ever in Malaysia market. Through Digital Brand Integration technology, we successfully integrated Sunsilk digitally into PRIME DRAMA and MOVIE content of Media Prima National TV Network. This made Sunsilk a pioneer in Malaysia market.

Results and Effectiveness
We secured 16 exposures for Sunsilk in 10 days beyond the spot buy through our DBI execution. On an average 92.4% of the audience spent 57.3% of their time on the Sunsilk DBI ad while watching TV. Effectiveness study also showed conclusively evidence of 95% rise in Ad Recall with DBI+TVC vs only TVC of Sunsilk.