Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Breaking the Last Taboo on Radio

Advertiser: Mamee Double Decker (M) Bhd
Brand: Mister Potato Rice Crisps
Creative Agency: Spin Communications
Credits: How Yuan Yi (Media Director), Vincent Loong (Media Planner), Jennifer Chua (Media Buyer), Sim Beng Geok (Client Services Director), Pierre Pang (Deputy General Manager, Mamee Double Decker), Cheok Ching Won (Marketing Manager, Mamee Double Decker), Cheryl Yong (Brand Manager, Mamee Double Decker)

How can we launch MisterPotato’s new variant RiceCrisp (made from Rice not Potatoes), in a
highly cluttered category? Fussy consumers will
have to be inspired and energized to induce trial
for RiceCrisps. The challenge was to create a campaign which was highly intrusive, and never thought possible by radio fans.

Radio provides Reach and Affinity but is traditionally a passive medium. Through close collaboration with Radio stations we used Radio in an interactive manner, creating a media first. How?—We broke a cardinal sin on Radio; DJs broke a taboo by EATING on-air! They were heard snacking constantly. We owned the airwaves with the highly intrusive Munching Crunching sound on Radio. Now, DJs were no longer eloquent, crunching on RiceCrisps, too good to resist.

So irresistible, all the DJs snacked on RiceCrisps – the whole day! To put a stop to this, the head of the Radio Disciplinary Department pleaded to the listeners – “Help me catch the DJs snacking”. When they hear the crunching sound, listeners can call-in and say “CAUGHT YA SNACKIN” to receive their bounty. Heard across top three stations simultaneously; Era, MY and Hitz, Catch the DJs Snacking became talk of the country!

Through this truly intrusive radio campaign, RiceCrisps owned the listener’s headspace and the new product flew off the shelves. Sales exceeded projection by 43%, selling over 130,000 cartons in just 3 months. Market share increased by 25%, further solidifying its market leader position.