Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2018 | |

Craving powered Selling

Advertiser: QSR Stores Sdn Bhd
Brand: KFC
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The Challenges
As Malaysians we take pride in being the biggest food ‘know it alls’, so pursuing variety comes instinctively to us. Come 2017, with the likes of Foodpanda & UberEats surging in popularity, KFC’ ‘once robust’ online delivery business took a hard jab. The task was clear – Restore popularity by improving transaction volumes.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Everyone loves KFC. But different people love KFC for different reasons, and in the digital world identifying these reasons was a cakewalk. Mining 2.4Mn social conversations & subjecting them to cluster analysis, we identified 8 distinct KFC cravers aka KFCKakis such as the CheezyChampion, KakSlaw etc. We then set out to fish for these 8 types of cravers through digital experiences, wooing them with KFC products that met their craving. Thus was born the first ever campaign where cravings piloted media planning.

Media Execution
#1 Discovery We built an online video series on the 8 cravers, playing up their secret lives and explaining why KFC Delivery was essential to them. The videos was promoted via interest targeting. Through a social contest, people were encouraged to vote for their alter egos & tag their friends. We also created Tinder profiles for the 8 cravers, stirring conversations. #2 Transaction We segmented the 1.8Mn delivery customers into 8 cravers too. Through custom audience targeting on Google & FB we wooed each craver with ads of their favourite KFC product. Learning from convertors, the DSP fished for look-alikes. A performance campaign inclusive of prospecting & retargeting with tailored messages was deployed to nudge transactions.

Results and Effectiveness
Cravings prevailed! – We delivered 55K transactions in a month – 2X the monthly average – Conversion volumes from competitor keywords grew by 14% – The window between consecutive transactions shrunk to 26 days – 4 days lesser than before! – Brand love grew by 4 points beating McDelivery