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Maxis plays ‘Catch Me If You Can’ with customers

Advertiser: Maxis Communications
Brand: Maxis
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
Customer happiness is key to Maxis. To show their appreciation, Maxis aims to provide amazing deals to subscribers. But when every other advertiser is doing the same, how do we ensure our deals become highly sought after? How do we ensure people cannot wait to click to download our deals? And with a budget of only RM8,000?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
We built our campaign on the basis of today’s social phenomenon – #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out – ‘apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent’):- 1.The deals type everyone would be most #FOMO about are travel deals 2.Youtube’s bumper format plays for only 6 seconds before it disappears – hence we offered subscribers deals that once missed, you will never see it again Maxis #FOMO Bumper Flash Deal Partnering with AirAsia, we created the ultimate #FOMO deal “Fly More with MyMaxis Deals: Get Extra 20% off all AirAsia Flights”; of which users CAN ONLY ACCESS via Youtube’s 6 seconds bumper ads!

Media Execution
Targeting only Maxis subscribers, and basically playing ‘Catch me if you can’ with them, we did the following: 1)Frequency cap of 1x per user per day Reinforcing that if you miss this chance, you’ll never get it again. 2)Time targeting, focusing on peak hours From Google’s data on peak YouTube consumption hours, we focused efforts during: 8am – 10am: breakfast hours/travelling to work 10pm – 12am: in-bed browsing 3)Temporary ‘heads-up’ postings on Maxis’s facebook Which appeared every time we pushed the flash deal bumpers out. But were taken down after 1 hour. We even drove them crazy by inserting a 6 seconds countdown timer on the ads!

Results and Effectiveness
With only RM 8,000 within an exclusive 3 days’ campaign period, we achieved:- 1.7,125 deals downloaded (RM1.12 Cost Per Lead versus travel average of RM20!) 2.A happy partner – AirAsia is renewing the partnership with Maxis 3.Improved YoY brand imagery “Rewarding to subcribers” +2