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Arrival of the FOOK-ing Emperor

Advertiser: BRAND’S Suntory (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: BRAND’S Essence of Chicken
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The Challenges
BRAND’S EssenceOfChicken faces the challenge of having zero appeal to millennials, being strongly seen only as a traditional Chinese supplement that is consumed by the elderly. We were tasked with building appeal to millennials by persuading them to use BRAND’S Hampers for gifting traditions during the ChineseNewYear season.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
An insight we found was that no matter what age or how connected young adults become to the modern world, Chinese millennials will always come back to their roots when cultural celebrations come calling. During ChineseNewYear especially, all Chinese communities regardless of age tend to embrace traditional values even more than any other occasions. They would look forward to feng shui tips on getting ‘fook’ (translation: prosperity & fortune), wearing ‘fook’ colours (like red and gold), and gifting ‘fook’ to relatives & friends. This is also reflected in their media behaviours, where millennials together with their family members and relatives would be watching TVB dramas or Chinese based content throughout the holidays. The strategy: Infiltrate the TVB zones and spin-off our version of ‘high affinity’ content from there. With that, we created “The Emperor Who ‘FOOKS’ A Lot”. We put a modern spin to the classic tales of the the Chinese dynasty and the ttraditional old age Emperor by transforming him into a Millennial Chinese Emperor who gave everyone the “FOOK” on his mighty throne.

Media Execution
We collaborated with top Astro Chinese stations and created a TVB-esque drama pocket content that shows our emperor gifting away ‘fooks’ (BRAND’S Gift Hampers) to his people in eclectic situations. To launch the drama, we dominated the drama timebelts in top Chinese TV channels. Our drama series were broadcasted in between the actual TVB drama shows, giving audience a seamless viewing experience rather than disrupting it. We also tapped onto Chinese video sites by targeting specifically to youths who were watching TVB content. We further cutdown our videos into 30-sec, 15-sec, and 6-sec bite-sized capsules to address millennials’ short attention span. Smart retargeting ensures that viewers saw all episodes in the correct sequence. On social, our emperor took over BRAND’S Facebook page and announced that he was giving away free ‘fooks’ to his fans! Thousands of users responded wanting his imperial blessings. Leading up to payday, we ramped up high-frequency reminder ads on Chinese radio stations advocating for them to gift more ‘fooks’. Our drama videos were adapted into audio-drama spots, with the emperor advising his people on how to best gift ‘fooks’ to their loved ones. We aggressively pursued shoppers who were then looking for their gifting supplies. Targeting TV shoppers, we tapped onto AstroGOShop, Malaysia’s premier TV shopping channel to demonstrate on how to gift ‘fooks’ with our hampers. Pursuing on-ground shoppers, we setup roadshows nearby gifting shops to stimulate more sales. Grabbing online shoppers, we intercepted users who were browsing or searching for CNY gifts with web banners.

Results and Effectiveness
Our sales increased by +34% vs last year’s CNY period! The campaign generated 46million impressions across all touchpoints. Our drama series experienced up to 92% view-through rate! Achieved 5X Media ROI.