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How Perodua ‘Parked’ Myvi In The Hearts Of Consumers

Advertiser: Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad
Brand: Perodua
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The Challenges
Malaysian consumer sentiment declined by 5% in 2017 and research showed that Rakyat was concerned with instability & increase in prices. Increase in fuel prices & shared mobility solutions affected car sales and Perodua saw 22% decline. In such an environment we were tasked to relaunch Perodua’s iconic MYVI.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
MYVI although a Malaysian favorite had lost some of its sheen in the recent years with newer models launched by competing brands, thus with 2017 relaunch we were all set to conquer Malaysian hearts again. Our campaign strategy leveraged two key insights:- 1. Consumers’ car purchase decision was lifestage based which also defined consideration set. Therefore we had to match Unique Selling proposition (USP) with Unique Buying Proposition (UBP). A young professionals buys a MYVI to standout, a parent buys a MYVI for safety features and fuel efficiency. 2. Media Consumption didn’t define Media Usage. Same media touchpoint played different role for different TAs. For instance while the younger lot consumed internet as source of entertainment and information, the older audience relied on traditional touchpoints like TV for entertainment needs. We launched a multi-pronged campaign contextually targeting consumers across touchpoints to drive buzz & interest.

Media Execution
We pre-defined the role of media touchpoint for each phase; Teaser Phase: Matching USPs with UBP We leveraged Newspapers by contextually revealing the USPs of the new version. The ads were placed in relevant segments to showcase different features for different TGs. The SPORTY LOOKS & STYLING message which makes MYVI preferred car for Youngsters featured in Sports Section matching feature with TG interest. MYVIs Fuel Efficiency and technology was featured close to main news to be contextual with current economic situation. Similarly, Radio messaging was customized to segments, when sports updates were aired we highlighted sporty looks, interior trimmings. During traffic updates we highlighted our fuel efficiency and ABS braking. Whenever someone watched a family based content across video platforms, we showcased 6-seater airbag feature to capture interest and attention. As excitement built up PAULTAN Malaysia’s leading auto site “LEAKED” several new features a day prior to launch driving further buzz and excitement. The launch was digi-casted on Perodua & Paultan’s Facebook & YouTube Page for millions to watch unveiling of new MYVI. The day after the launch Perodua CEO was featured in the morning show MHI as he highlighted new features & flagged off a rally of 20 cars to travel all around KlangValley. For the new MYVI Radio Station became our Test Drive Centers, as CatsFM used new MYVIs as their cruisers and traveled all around offering listeners a test drive and experience the new MYVI first hand.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign reached an astounding 4 million Malaysians, reducing the cost per showroom search by 116% vs industry benchmark, generating more than 60,000 test drives in the first 10 weeks of launch. With sales increase of 40% & 28000 new MYVI on road. Further 13% of HondaJazz prospects were converted as MYVI-ans. And that’s how we parked MYVI in Malaysian hearts all over again!