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TENA launched the Coolest Convoy for a ‘Not So Cool’ Topic

Advertiser: Vinda Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
Brand: TENA
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The Challenges
TENA, an adult pants, diaper and pad brand, deals with issue of incontinence. Not a cool product or a topic by any means, right? But research shows that more than 1.4 mn Malaysians suffer from it, yet it’s a topic that no one wants to openly talk about. TENA was faced with a stiff challenge to build its brand as an empowering solution, when it was something people didn’t fancy talking about in the first place.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Media Agency recommended addressing the ‘not cool’ issue head on and turn it on its head by using something which is the epitome of ‘cool’. If the vehicle was cool, people would sit up and take notice of the cause. While people can look away easily from incontinence issues, they will never stop ogling a Harley Davidson, which is an embodiment of cool for all ages. Media Agency recommended launching an ‘Empowering Tour’ with Harley Davidson Owners Club and Continence Foundation of Malaysia to drive education and awareness about the ‘not so cool’ yet pertinent issue of incontinence in Malaysians.

Media Execution
TENA Empowering Tour set off in May 2017 with 16 Harley Davidson riders touring over 1700km throughout Peninsular Malaysia, across Klang Valley, Johor, Kuantan, Kota Bahru and Penang, to show Malaysians that incontinence is not something to be ashamed of. Aside to that, it also got the public to pledge in support the cause where TENA made donation to the old folks’ home. TENA Pants Radio & Video featured Harley Owners Group President, TJ, sharing his story where TENA Pants is the enabler so that he can continue his love for riding. ‘The Silent Buddy’ video series was deployed strategically across digital video and social platforms extensively, while also urging audiences to come forward and pledge support for the cause. 30 second radio spots on Sinar FM reminded audiences of TJ’s story, while highlighting the cause for the ride. With an integrated media approach, incontinence slowly broke the ‘not so cool’ label and became something Malaysians were openly discussing, and acknowledging the need to address. TENA believed having incontinence shouldn’t stop people from leading a full and happy life. With that spirit in mind, the ‘not so typical awareness campaign’ changed how people think and behave towards incontinence.

Results and Effectiveness
The activation reached more than 1 mn Malaysians, with 100k+ social interactions, while the radio campaign scored a 1.7mn+ reach, with the Silent Buddy video series garnering a phenomenal 2mn+ view and 8000+ shares and likes from all corners of Malaysia. TENA Pants sales grew by 42.4% YOY, 3.9X faster than the market growth rate.