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100PLUS: Activating Malaysia’s Potential!

Advertiser: F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd
Brand: 100PLUS
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The Challenges
With a strong association to sports, 100PLUS consequently becomes perceived as a “healthier alternative to sodas” (or soft drinks). However, this strength also has its weaknesses – it skews the perceived consumption moments to sporting occasions and its “healthier” credential appeals primarily to the health-conscious Chinese. Thus, the seriousness of sports and health meant that we were losing out among the more fun-seeking, soda-drinking Malay youths. To increase its share-of-heart and throat among Malay youths, we needed to expand 100PLUS’ relevance without vacating our current position.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
To expand beyond sports, we focused on owning more physical moments that results in thirst – a territory we defined as an “active lifestyle.” To appeal to fun-seeking Malays, we focused on demonstrating how being active can be seriously fun through a combination of celebrity power and an entertainment-led approach. This led to the introduction of “Hari 100PLUS – Aktifkan Malaysiaku” – a brand day where thousands can come together and be part of a fun-filled “active lifestyle” day.

Media Execution
The campaign was divided into 3 key phases: 1. Hari 100PLUS regional activations: Top Malay celebrities that were enlisted as 100PLUS ambassadors – Hairul Azrin, Mira Filzah, Khairul Hafiz Zantan and Janna Nick – formed teams according to the four 100PLUS flavours and went to Johor, Terengganu and Kedah to hand-pick their team members via large scale on-ground auditions involving fun physical games. The event was promoted across Astro’s Malay TV, radio and online platforms. TV3 and TV9 was used to extend the reach to the mass Malays. Content seeding on Malaysia’s top social and entertainment news platform OhBulan! and SaysSeismik hyped the event up. This phase secured 80%+ reach and saw an average of 3,000 participants per location. 2. Hari 100PLUS Aktifkan Malaysiaku finale: The 4 teams then congregated for the finale at KLSportsCity, BukitJalil. Through constant engagement by KOLs, TV, radio, digital and OOH promotions, we also got another 15,000 participants (vs. KPI: 12,000) to rally the 4 teams, besides joining the fun-filled “active lifestyle” day that featured activities like Zumba, Snooker FootPool and ZorbBall besides Malaysia’s first ever 5km obstacle course featuring the tallest inflatable structure. 3. Hari 100PLUS TV programme: To further evolve our association from sports to “active lifestyle”, we extended the event into a 1-hour TV programme – the combination of athletic competition and zany humour makes for great TV! In this programme, the 4 teams battled it out through 3 physical missions, to be crowned “Wira 100Plus.”. This was televised on top Astro Malay channels Ria and Warna and social media to reach millions of households.

Results and Effectiveness
Following the Oct-Nov campaign: Association to ‘Active lifestyle’ up from 51% (July) to 67% in Dec surpassing the target for Malays by +5 Winning share-of-heart: • ‘Brand for me’ grew to 62% by Dec – its highest in 2018! Winning share-of-throat: • Past-1-Week and Past-4-Weeks consumption up by +11 points – the highest for the brand in the last 2 years • Brand volume share reached its highest at 28.7% vs. last 12 months (excluding seasonal peak during CNY) Source: Millward Brown