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Macha See – Macha Feel – Macha Go!

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The Challenges
India is often seen as a backpacker destination with grotty hotel rooms and dust everywhere. The perception’s less appealing, that it’s not a top destination for Malaysian Indians. If Indians themselves has low interest going India, then what hope does AirAsia have in selling their flight tickets to India?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
This is more than just shifting perceptions, it’s about bringing out their long buried pride for their beautiful motherland. Through social listening, we found that nothing unites our machas and machis more than the thing that makes them, their mothers and even their grandmothers dance: Kollywood & Deepavali! They may disfavor a lot of things about India, but the moment their favourite Kollywood music or movies come out, their natural instincts is to groove to the beat and be merry. While Deepavali is the one time in Malaysia where Indians are most strongly moved to ‘get in touch with motherland’. Kollywood and Deepavali are the two things that are irresistible to everybody! With these insights in mind, we wanted to tell the story of magnificent India through the lens of vibrant Kollywood in Deepavali month. To launch with a bang, we decided to capitalize on the biggest Deepavali Kollywood concert with Astro.

Media Execution
Shifting people’s perception of India requires a build up of 3 phases. [TEASER PHASE] To start building up conversations, we flew in the top Kollywood macha of the year: ArunVijay heartthrob actor from India. He announces on TV & social screens that he will be gracing us with his presence at the biggest Kollywood concert with AirAsia. This started driving excited fans to attend the concert or watch the telecasts on screens. [LAUNCH PHASE] With our machas and machis’ eyeballs on the concert, it’s time for us to hijack it! At the concert, we coloured the stage with AirAsia’s RED, with hosts and celebrities sharing their travelling experience to India. In between Kollywood performances, we also screened videos of the breathtaking views of India, bringing warmth and pride to all Indians who are united celebrating Deepavali. The whole concert was mirrored, live streamed on both TV and AstroUlagam’s social page giving us wider reach across both mobile and TV screens! [EDUCATION PHASE] Now that we’ve gotten their attention, we then seeded out more information about India as a travel destination with of course, more Kollywood materials! While our machas and machis are listening to their Kollywood songs on Tamil radio stations, we weaved in our educational capsules about the attractions of beautiful India. On press, in the middle of pages reporting on Kollywood movies and celebrities, we displayed impactful full page images of the cinematic and vibrant colours of India attractions for their visual feast. Driving conversions and action, all touchpoints end with a strong CTA calling out to our machas and machis to take advantage of AirAsia’s India flights promo deals.

Results and Effectiveness
AirAsia India experienced +37% increase in number of passengers (versus last year). We reached 2.9 million Indians. Media ROI peaked at 14.5x. More than 250,000 Indians turned up at the KollywoodConcert, that’s +25% more than previous year.