Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Advertiser: PETRONAS
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The Challenges
PETRONAS has always celebrated National Day with emotional and culturally rooted TV commercials. However, as Malaysians approached the National Day with renewed vigour, PETRONAS decided to reinvigorate itself by launching a campaign #Ceritakita. We were tasked with ensuring that the campaign is seen and heard above the usual advertising clutter.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Based on the insight that a child’s vision of the future and his/her dreams are reflective of a nation’s true vision and hopes, agency recommended creating a first of its kind National Day Campaign. We selected 10 children aged 512 years, who embarked on a journey of discovery travelling across Malaysia, capturing scenes which was representative of their vision for the future of Malaysia. A photo anthology of the journey created by the kids was converted into webfilms that were amplified across media touchpoints. The campaign celebrated 4 key themes, HEROES, HOPE, LOVE & FAMILY. Their vision and impressions were amplified via a bespoke Omnichannel strategy & deployment.

Media Execution
PETRONAS #Ceritakita campaign showcased various heartwarming stories witnessed by the children during their journey. Kids spoke about HOPE for the future as they captured images of friends, family who worked hard each day to build a better future. Their anthology also highlighted everyday unsung HEROES who brought joy, laughter and happiness to everyone. The kids explored LOVE between friends, love for nature and love for animals, simple act of feeding a stray cat or keeping food out for the birds. Finally the kids highlighted FAMILY and the shared bond, representing their feeling of seeing all of Malaysia as ONE BIG FAMILY. All these stories & themes were bought alive across channels: We leveraged Television as kids Infiltrated Malaysia’s #1 new program Buletin Utama during national day. As kids became anchors they reported on their journey across Malaysia & highlighted their stories. We partnered with NSTP as kids invaded the editorial room and designed the Front Page for 16th September edition. The cover featured their stories with the headline “”Our Malaysia, Our Story””. We partnered with renowned illustrator BeatriceEugenieHo to bring alive the kids’ vision of the future through her illustrations & video via SAYS platform. We deployed REMARKETING & EMOTIVE TARGETING APPROACH to drive incremental reach for the Photo Anthology Webfilms across Malaysia on FB, YT & Instagram, increasing the campaign reach & engagement manifold. OOH/POS: We invigorated school kids and spread positivity and inspire even more kids with a unique vision their peers had for the future of Malaysia via a FIRST EVER IN MALAYSIA: A VR ROVING GALLERY that was deployed across 33 schools & universities.

Results and Effectiveness
The first of its campaign reached 15million Malaysians with more than 220million impressions and 12.5million social media engagements. Further to that, the onground roving gallery inspired over 33,000 kids across 33 schools. Webfilms further garnered over 8million views in a span of just a couple of weeks. The campaign further garnered an unbelievable RM2million earned PR value. And that’s how PETRONAS ushered in a new era in Malaysia history and celebrated with its compatriots. Helping them see Malaysia Anew.