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Retail on a Bus: How U Mobile Captured Migrants on Their Way to Work

Advertiser: U Mobile
Brand: U Mobile
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The Challenges
UMobile aimed to increase prepaid subscriptions from the Bangladeshi and Nepalese migrants. Reaching them is tough as we’ve seen no significant correlation between sales and digital marketing. The Immigration Department were cracking down on illegal immigrants. Armed with budget of under RM15,000, we needed to find new ways to reach and build trust among a cynical and elusive audience.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
What migrants have in common coming to Malaysia is work. How we could reach them became obvious; they were a captive audience while commuting to and from workplaces in buses. We designed a strategy with bus companies to engage migrants during their commute. This took place during payday week, where spending power is high. Each trip averages 15 minutes, thus our pitch had to be quick and impactful, but a hardsell approach would not work. To ensure our audience were comfortable, promoters themselves were migrants and gave us a better chance at building rapport.

Media Execution
We deployed teams of 3 promoters on selected buses ferrying migrants in industrial areas and hostels within the Klang Valley. We strategically planned trips to two in the morning and night respectively to cover both morning and night shift workers. Onboard, we engaged migrants with activities while explaining UMobile’s offerings to them. Migrants were able to purchase a new SIM or top ups onboard and gifts were given to whomever made a purchase. Promoters continued on ground, this gave them time to interact with the workers and makes registration easier.

Results and Effectiveness
We converted 12.9% of all migrants reached. Uplift of 17% from Bangladeshi and 7% from Nepali users to UMobile’s GX30 prepaid plan during the campaign compared to the preceding month. An increase of 20% from Bangladeshi and 16% from Nepali users for Data Subscribers during campaign. Achieved ROAS of RM1:RM12 which no other channels have done before.