Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Hitting the Bull’s-Eye with SVP Dynamic OOH

Advertiser: Shell Fuels
Brand: Shell Fuels
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The Challenges
Shell was the first in Malaysia to launch VPower, but over the years every competitor has introduced similar premiumfuels. In this challenging environment, people ultimately want to know how premium fuels will translate into tangible and valuable benefits to them and their vehicles.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Using approved Shell claims may not achieve the desired effect of changing consumer perception and behavior in our favor, as the terms used are generic and not relatable. By using agency proprietary research of Malaysian motorists we have analyzed data of individuals and their behavorial attitudes towards premium fuels. Interestingly, we discovered that fuelattitudes are dependent not on the motorist demographic but by the car brand they drive. E.g. Efficiency attributes resonates more with Honda car owners as compared to Performance for BMW owners. Thus, we have segmented the data into 7 distinct pools: Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Honda, Mazda and Mass brands. Understanding that majority of the fuel purchase decisions are made while on the road, we wanted to maximize our communication reach within lastmile media: OOH, Radio or Waze. However, each platform had significant challenges. Thus, we supercharged OOH with the right technology: OOH (billboard) that can recognize your car brand and communicate the relevant proposition and matching ReasonToBelieve for you.

Media Execution
We built an AI based rule engine that isolates and recognizes selected vehicle brands from a live video feed installed at the OOH and integrated that with a data Contentbridge to play the right personalized message at the right time. The data collected is later fused into our attribution model – mapping it with actual footfall in stations. Thus, closing the loop from communication to actual conversion at the forecourt.

Results and Effectiveness
The campaign reached approximately 1 million unique motorists within KL. 21% of audience exposed to the billboard campaign visited the station during the tracking period, resulting in 193,998 footfalls.