Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Aisle Will Follow You

Advertiser: Listerine
Brand: Listerine
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The Challenges
Listerine’ life as a leader was not easy. Mouthwash being a ‘nice to have’, the category relied on existing buyers buying more. Which meant perpetual promotions to bait switchers. Now, Listerine decided to play the long term game, and wanted to recruit new users instead of playing the promo game. Alas, our budgets were not as big as our ambitions. We only had RM 30K, that too during ChineseNewYear (CNY) when it was Promo extravaganza. What could we do?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
There is no denying the fact that, the Moment of Truth is the aisle in the supermarket. The 40 feet wherein the shopper decides which brand stays on the shelf and which brand gets into the cart. But we noticed, that shoppers were not even visiting our aisle! The large POS materials and fancy callouts with promotions from other mouthwash brands too did not really cut it. Because, shoppers were busy flitting between the food,groceries and the household cleaners aisle getting ready for CNY. So what if shoppers didn’t come to us, we thought why don’t we take the ‘aisle’ to them.

Media Execution
1. We shortlisted high footfall Tesco stores (our star stores) across Malaysia. 2. We filled shopping carts with Listerine bottles 3. We stationed Promoters at CNY shopping special aisles such as food, groceries, kitchen utensils & household cleaners 4. As shoppers shopped for their CNY goodies, the Promoters followed them with the Listerine loaded trolleys, engaging them in conversations and eventually persuading them to buy Listerine.

Results and Effectiveness
We had a 7% lift in sales. The promoters had persuaded 14% of the 18,000 footfalls in the CNY aisle to buy Listerine. With competitors playing the promo game, we had aced the long term game and decided to continue this initiative as a pump up during our sales lull periods. Small budget, big thinking.