Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

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Dukun OOH Special Execution

Advertiser: Dukun
Brand: Dukun
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
To create an OOH ambient (spectacular 60’x40’) display for a horrorthriller film featuring a highprofile murder case in 2006 via a one month outdoor campaign. Producing a ghostly & morbid visual is easy, but being socially responsible and meeting the Advertising Standard & Regulation is Astro’s main concern. Circumventing the latter and yet produce an effective OOH execution which draws millions is Agency’s Challenge.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Insight: Association of terror & horror elements works best during the night. The Big Idea: Transforming “A Lady of the Day to A Creature of the Night”. Having a giant visual featured the expression of ghost (lady) with a subtle composed look during the day and transform the same visual (facial expression) to an eerie wicked ‘ghost” via lighting display.

Media Execution
How? Via one single highvoltage LED daylight centered on the nose bridge & both eyes producing an “evilish” facial expression, instantly striking the memory of Mona Fandey’s gruesome murder in 2006. For greater impact & attention, we programmed a 3’s flicker interval, creating a “scary” disappearing effect of the halfface of Mona. The execution took a 2night onsite programming for Lighting angle: Light intensity (500w to 2000w); Flickering sequence (13 seconds). Finally, a single 2,000w light with 3’s flickering did the magic, costing only RM6,000 in production.

Results and Effectiveness
Dukun netted RM 1.5million on its first day of screening–the highest opening night gross for Astro Shaw, and accumulated to RM6.2 million in just four days of release. It did RM 10million over 20 days after its release. The campaign generated approx 8.0m impression over the 1 mth period and was supported by online campaign.To juice things up, Mona was dressed in a red kebaya and a video of a red kebaya Pontianak was released at the same time by Astro Shaw.