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Breaking The Skip Ad Culture With Skippable Ad

Advertiser: AirAsia X
Brand: AirAsia X
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
AirAsia was launching their branding campaign with one key objective; reaching captive audience throughoutly. Our challenge lies in creating a campaign with high converting reach while maintaining a cost efficient buy utilizing traditional media only. Message deliverable are targeted to attentive audience who is not going to skip ad.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Having no access to digital, we were extremely careful of our touch points. We needed mediums that have captive audience. Our travelers are young, active and high mobility with the exception when they’re watching the contents, movies! We know audience skip ad with close window. Understanding this, without skip ad, we want to immerse them into contents. Leveraging on their passion touch points, we pick a space whereby audience is at ease; captivating and more open to indulging experiences. We find captive audience at the right time, and loyalist at high impact cinema contents. We transform the “advertisements watching” experience into “cinematic movie watching” experience, seamlessly.

Media Execution
We filmed 5 mini movies, taking 5 stars on a soul searching journey through 5 countries. “ElfiraLoy’s New Inspiration in Seoul”, “AlvinChong’s New Perspectives in Taipei”, “ZahirahMcWilson’s New Beginnings in Tokyo”, and more! We ensure the messages were delivered through TGV & GSC via 1) hijacking the premium position focusing at attentive audience by capturing them closer to movie time. 2) contents created fit as mini trailer bringing to life consumer journey experiences seamlessly. Teaser posters seeded out at movie poster pillars. In driving urgency to action, each movie was paired with own flight promos. Audience were captivated by the mini movies.

Results and Effectiveness
Across 5 weeks with total 680 halls, 105,669 capacity, and 14,433 spots, we reached more than 4.7 million of CAPTIVE audience. AirAsiaX had +35% higher conversion rate for “Airline Most Often Flown”, their highest in past 3 years! We flew +6% more passengers than previous year.