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A $60K Shell Fuels Campaign Delivers 220 Million Litres of Sales

Advertiser: Shell Fuels
Brand: Shell Fuels
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The Challenges
We had an ambitious goal: drive 220M litre fuels volume within only 9 days during the high travel season of Ramadan. We needed to find bulls eye moments during Ramadan amidst Malaysian’s busy schedules in which to drive home a winning proposition.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Ramadan requires physical and mental preparation for one whole month. We observed the following disruption to the daily routine during this season: Zakat, Five daily prayers and 4pm to 6pm relaxation. With the insights, our campaign’s spotlight was on the “zakat” sentiment: one cent went to charity for every pump at Shell. We geo fenced all mosques – and presented them a convenient chance to perform good deeds outside prayer time. We also targeted malls from 4pm to 6pm when they were the most relaxed, out of their intense routine, to convince them into “zakat”. We cleverly stroked the balance to ensure our ads were temporally and hyper locally opportune to drive the “Zakat” element.

Media Execution
1. We worked with Factual and Google to geo fence all the malls and mosques and showed Shell ads when Malaysians were not engaged in any praying activity or when they were relaxing.
2. Youtube bumper ads were scheduled to run outside the prayer time frame to create awareness and frequency.
3. For high intent users, we reached them via Waze, a driving app that sent Shell zakat messages whenever the drivers were close to Shell stations.

Results and Effectiveness
Over 2 million MYR (478K USD) were donated in charity in just 9 days. This was a definitely a win win situation as Shell reached its sales targets of 220 million litres while our customers were given an outlet to fulfill their zakat.