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Bounce Rates or Bountiful Returns?

Advertiser: BMW Malaysia
Brand: BMW Malaysia
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The Challenges
The digital marketing industry suffers from high bounce rates, our client BMW is no exception. With certain page bounce rates running up to 80+%, we decided to take a deep dive into our site analytics to discover the truth about our digital marketing initiatives.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Bounce Rate data allowed us to analyses website efficiency via heat mapping. The agency was able to identify 6 key areas that a potential customer goes to the site for, Product, Pricing, Financial Options, Maintenance, Product Updates and Dealerships. Up to 80% of total traffic on site circulated around these pages. This indicated that we needed to cater our web experience into what our customers what. That meant flipping the consumer journey around from an Impression>Clicks>Page Views model into a Page View>Clicks>Brand Impression model.

Media Execution
On Display, we adapted the Dealership Search CTA into banners through location tagging to the 2 nearest dealerships. On Rich Media, we adapted the financial calculator into a sliding banner that informs users of their best models based on their financial status. On social, we used custom audience to identify users that needed car maintenance services. Programmatically, we combined price, features and colors via DCO for personalized communication. We integrated Google Search with Google My Business to address dealerships and using image extensions to highlight the latest offerings. We then revamped the website to have all featured prominently displayed on the home page.

Results and Effectiveness
170.9 million effective new page views, reaching out to 9.6 million users. 20% increase in test drive leads submission and 15% increase in goals triggers (contact us, service appointments, more info). 500% increase in engagement on Facebook and 200% increase in Instagram engagements. Video completion rates improved by 103%. Average time spend on site up to 4 minutes, bounce rate on site reduced to 21.1%.