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AIA (Algorithmic Intent based Acquisition) for AIA

Advertiser: AIA Insurance
Brand: AIA Insurance
Creative Agency: -
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The Challenges
Talking about insurance is cluttered, thus being relevant, simplified and agile is your only way out. Merging live events (live stages & lifestyle) data with your performance strategy can unleash its true potential for higher interest in the relevant type of insurance produtcs

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Based on the insight that people only react when sh!t hits the fan i.e 87% of the people only look for insurance when they are in the middle of a crisis/tradegy, we created a Smart Query Bot that scrapes real time medical/life containing searches from all over the web. Putting automation at the forefront of our strategy, we created Smart Query Bot integrable with search Engines.

Media Execution
Combining these 200K+ real time intent queries, we devised a comprehensive search strategy to target insurance ads against auto collected searches. E.g anyone reading about “critical illness”, tool picks up query, buckets into auto scrappersheet and being added to search. 5000+ contextual queries were scrapped and bucketed into tight themes. Using dynamic keyword insertion we then incorporated automated and yet tightly themed ads for relevant keywords bucket.

Results and Effectiveness
“Inquiries for Life and Medical Insurance grew by 50% resulting into 1200+ overall lead submission on Website. Sales grew by 30%. Campaign saw an ROAS of 12X. Automation also helps agency spending 70% less time on doing manual labour.”