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Print & Digital: Like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Advertiser: Giant
Brand: Giant
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The Challenges
Giant, the retailer was ailing from flatlining sales. With Print owning the lion’s share of media spends, we had to nudge it to work harder to revive sales.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Through Econometric modeling, we learned: with 81% of spends, Print drove 16% of Giant’s sales, while digital with 9% of spends drove 1.3%. Digital bearing the ‘cost efficient vs print’ tag, the customary next step was to migrate print budgets to digital. However, we chose to probe the data further. Scrutinizing the print mix we saw, English titles with 50% of the print budget contributed to a mere 1% of sales, while vernacular titles with 31% print budget drove a meatier 15% sales. Explicitly English titles were the loose cannons. We wondered if we could find the audience reading English titles, online & make a better bang for the buck? Another question for data. We studied the various audiences segments that we could pursue on digital via third party audiences and partner tool data. Bingo! There existed a 15 million segment on digital that also reads English titles. We could pursue the same audience reading English titles on digital at half the cost – too good to be true.

Media Execution
1. Based on the point of diminishing return, we reallocated our budgets. We trimmed English titles spends to 10%, increased vernacular spends to 61% and digital spends to 19%.
2. Pursuing the segments on digital, we used the interest targeting in grocery, fresh, recipes, cooking, supermarket (Tesco, AeonBig).
3. We deployed a platter of 6 creatives mapping them to the corresponding interest buckets.
4. We optimized on the fly, tweaking interests, Cost per 1,000 Reach & dayparts.

Results and Effectiveness
With the same budget, we drove 10,000,000+ incremental sales. As the industry wrote off Print and Digital as foes, we worked on the chemistry between them to make every dollar spent count.