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Maybank achieves a ‘Hole in One’ with Malaysia’s 1st Programmatic OOH that changes according to Traffic and Weather

Advertiser: Maybank
Brand: Maybank
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
Maybank has been organising MaybankChampionship (Golf) since 2016, as part of efforts to grow their PremierBanking business. To attract 25,000 event attendees and generate interest for MaybankPremierBanking (+5% online searches vs LY), we needed to differentiate from CIMB’s more established CIMBClassic.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
INSIGHTS: Inspired by insights of Business and Golfing Communities’ behaviours, this campaign hinged on the knowledge that they organize their lives around weather and traffic:
1)In Golf, weather obviously affects the game.
2)In Business, road traffic is a daily conversation topic, affecting traveling time. And key factor affecting traffic, is the weather.
STRATEGY: Understanding this, we had to reach our consumers when they were stuck in traffic and rushing to either the boardroom or fairway. Which only the Outdoor platform could effectively amplify our campaign.
IDEA: The first ever innovation in Malaysia, we devised a Programmatic Outdoor campaign, integrating traffic and weather location data to deliver targeted creatives to different Outdoor sites.

Media Execution
A specially built API PROGRAMMATICALLY served contextually relevant creatives, geotargeted to weather and traffic conditions of the different Outdoor sites. By combining visual, Golfing puns into our creatives, we drove connection through grins and chuckles to get our audiences talking about MaybankChampionship: 1)Smooth traffic ‘Whoa! Slow down. You’re gonna hit a birdie!’
2)Hot weather ‘It’s heating up.

Time to take your tee off’ OOH sites were strategically chosen to achieve quality scores of minimum 80% based on the following parameters:
1)Location: Key arterial roads leading to high end residential areas and CBDs in KlangValley
2)High Traffic: Minimum 500,000 vehicles daily 3)Visibility & Impact: Large screens (30feet x 22feet) angled to face road users directly

Results and Effectiveness
Inspired by consumer insight and brought to live by complex data, campaign delivered:
1)26,924 event attendees
2)+8.18% in MaybankPremierBanking digital searches during campaign
3)+286% unique visitors and +260% sessions in MaybankPremierBanking website in February 2018 vs pre campaign
4)+17% Revenue Growth post campaign
5)Reached 7,314,818 road users