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DMP? DSP? Try SSP – Street Sales Price!

Advertiser: Alliance Bank
Brand: Alliance Bank
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The Challenges
Alliance ONE Account (AOA) is one of the pioneer in loan consolidation service which helps customers to manage debts in a consolidated account. The only requirement is that you have an active home loan. As home loan is not a digitally tracked metric, the agency had to innovate to effectively reach our to the core target audience.

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Over 80% of Malaysians purchase a home through home loans. While bulk of this data sits behind lock & key with banks, there are other parties that hold this valuable information, the property agents. Through our partnership with various leading property agencies and Facebook Street data, we created SSP, Street Sales Price platform, which tracks initial house prices, house loans, loan tenures, township maturity and future house prices of every prominent street in the KL & Selangor area.

Media Execution
Through SSP, we were able to identify hot zones (low initial house price, 5 to 10 years loan tenure, high future house price and expected loan volume) down to individual street level. We were able to identify over 150 streets from 25 different townships that matched our hot zones requirements. From there, by using Facebook’s street level targeting capability, we were able to effectively reach out to these home owners via high intent lead generation ad and ads optimized towards leads on website.

Results and Effectiveness
Campaign captured 6,174 quality leads in 4 months. Eventhough it’s only 29% of the previous 4 months, 1,661 or 26% of the leads converted appointments, compared to previous 13% . Out of the appointments, 245 or 15% of the walkins got a solution to help them consolidate debt, compare to previously at 12%. Total loan amount increased by 12 % compare to previous 4 months, average loan size per account increased by 9%, and cost per approved account down by 18%.