Malaysian Media Awards Winners Showcase

2011 | |

Capturing smokers when it matters

Advertiser: Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd
Brand: Nicorette
Creative Agency: RepriseMedia
Credits: Ramakrishnan C.N (Executive Director), Samantha Tay (Associate Director), Preeta Mathew (Senior Media Planner), Lim Jia Hui (Media Planner), Ullas Sahadevan (Search Director, RepriseMedia), Linah Lim (Group Brand Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd), Chong Yee Ee (IT/Digital Manager, Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd)

Nicorette, the smoking cessation product, was facing intense competition from the launch of Niquitin in the market and needed to differentiate itself amongst those who were thinking of quitting. We had to target the on-the-verge-of- quitting smokers with our message with the highest efficiency.

We understood that the smokers almost never smoked alone and it’s uncool to ‘want to quit’ in company. But increasingly they are getting alienated due to people quitting and limited smoking areas. When smoking alone, they are inseparable from their mobile devices, their ‘buddy’. These smokers could be coaxed into trying out Nicorette if we were able to reach to them during this phase of loneliness, introspection and me-time.

We decided to target them via Apps and browsers in their mobile devices, using contextual ads based on lifestyle, games, health, wellness, sports and other male skewed platforms. The Ad copies were designed to make them curious and lead them to specific information on the site encouraging them to quit smoking. The link led them to the site where they could see more information on how Nicorette
would help them.

The conversions of the device targeted ads was a phenomenal 14 times the normal desktop targeted campaign benchmarks. A whopping 96.2% of the clicks came from apps. We saw the enquiries increase
by a massive 76% in Pharmacies and sales recorded
the highest jump of 41% YoY.