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McDonald’s WorldCup Win through Dynamic Search Ads

Advertiser: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Creative Agency: -
Credits: -

The Challenges
Marketing objective: Make McDonald’s the goto place for WorldCup viewing. As a WorldCup official restaurant, McDonald’s faced challenges: Main competitors with big screens eg: Mamaks, pubs Food deliveries Advertising clutter

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
Fans love to watch football with their friends outside or in the comfort of their own home and have been anticipating the 2018 WorldCup due to the 10pm to 2am match timings. Fans will search and immerse in WorldCup content before matches and even during matches as there are multiple matches concurrently. Strategy: Hijack WorldCup moments to make McDonald’s synonymous with the most convenient food for people watching WorldCup; at home or outside. Idea: Hijack WorldCup search micromoments. Match messaging to intent, driving them to McDonald’s. Pregame – Fixture o Visit McDonald’s / Order McDelivery During game – Live score o Order McDelivery Postgame – Score / fixture o Order McDelivery & Visit McDonald’s for future matches

Media Execution
Dynamic Search Ads allowed us to be present during these micromoments; instantaneously matching relevant message with intent. 5,760 dynamic copies were deployed for the 64 games X 90 copy combinations. Eg: Pregame: Driving dinein / McDelivery o Brazil vs Argentina at 8pm tonight | Watch them live in your nearest McDonald’s During game: Driving McDelivery o Brazil 1 – Argentina 0 | Order McDelivery so you don’t miss the key highlight! Postgame: Driving dinein o Argentina match – 9pm Sat | WorldCup fever at McDonald’s

Results and Effectiveness
Fans resonated with McDonald’s: Search: 33% impression share and 6.1% CTR; excellent numbers considering the stiff competition. Gained new eyeballs for McDelivery (97% of clicks from new prospects.) June sales: +22.02% versus June 2017 June McDelivery sales growth: +57.6% versus same period 2017 
 McDelivery Awareness: +12pts (56% to 68%) McDelivery “Ever Trial”: +7pts (32% to 39%) “I prefer McDelivery”: +5pts (38% to 43%)