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Throttle Search to Swoosh Test Drives

Advertiser: BMW Malaysia
Brand: BMW Malaysia
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The Challenges
Malaysians love their cars. However, purchase decision of Malaysians is now more cumbersome to understand than ever. With over 25+ digital footprints in their consumer journey and 3 months over pondering time, how do we encourage people to opt for BMW test drive?

Insight, Strategy and the Idea
By analyzing last year’s search behavior and trends, we deduced that consumers average purchase journey last for around 3 months where they have at least 20+ digital touchpoints and almost 70% of the touch points including searches on Google. We decided to tackle this convoluted consumer journey by incorporating economics behavioral modelling into our search campaigns. A multi branched economics decision tree was created to cater consumer at each behavioral phase e.g Need, Search, Alternative, Evaluation, Final Decision.

Media Execution
We identified 32,300+ search queries containing 5 Million+ search query volume and bucketed them into each behavioral phase. This including 30% of competitor keywords like Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo etc. This was essential to move users from competitor’s “alternative” phase to BMW’s “Evaluation” phase. Harnessing the power of Google machine learnings, a full throttle Maximize Conversion campaign was launched. Attribution window was set to max 90 days for view through conversions.

Results and Effectiveness
Overall campaign generated 5M+ impressions resulting into 800,000+ clicks. More importantly, we received 7K over confirmed test drive leads submissions with CPA of only 110RM. Our attribution settings helped us further understanding the role of search in detail and enhancing purchased themed bucket further.